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About Us

Chambers Food Service is Canadian Owned and operated providing all natural meats to Canadian families for over 60 years. All natural products meaning No Antibiotics, Steroids, Growth Hormones, Chemicals, Dyes or water pumped or injected into any of our product. We supply AAA Canadian Beef, Ontario Pork, Canada Grade A Chicken, Canadian Fish, Goat, Lamb, Oxtail and more.

We provide top quality, Certified Canada AAA grain-fed beef from Alberta that has been aged a minimum of 28 days to insure taste and tenderness.

Our poultry is Grade A and grain-fed from Ontario. From ground chicken or turkey to breasts, thighs, legs, and wings, Chambers Food will provide you with the plumpest and juiciest natural cuts of poultry in Canada.

We supply top quality Canadian pork chops, tenderloin, and variety meats such as bacon and sausages. The exciting thing about pork is how versatile it is, from barbecuing delicious ribs, or making mouthwatering pork tenderloin we have all the different cuts and items that you want for your favourite recipes.

We back it all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee of quality for the lifetime of your order. If you are not completely satisfied, you can exchange any unused portions of your order. We also guarantee our freezers and provide food spoilage insurance in case your Chambers freezer breaks down.

Advantages of Shopping with Chambers Food Service

  • Free Home Delivery
  • Convenient Budget Terms
  • Eliminate Impulse Buying
  • Buying direct
  • Saves Time, Gas and Money
  • Avoid the hassles of Grocery Shopping
  • Eliminate loading and unloading of Groceries
  • Shop in the convenience and comfort of your home
  • 100% Food Guarantee
  • Healthier for your Family

Contact us today to see how you can get the best quality, all natural meats delivered right to your home.