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Our AAA Beef is from Alberta, Canada and is naturally raised and aged up to 28 days minimum for maximum flavour. Chambers Food carries a large variety of cuts in order to give customers the freedom of choice when planning meals, with everything custom packaged for ease of use.


Our Chicken is naturally raised, 100% pure Canadian Chicken from Ontario. We offer a wide variety of Chicken options from Boneless Skinless Breasts to Whole Chickens.


Our Pork is naturally raised, 100% Canadian Pork from Ontario. The cuts of pork are individually packaged to maximize the ease of use when planning meals. Like all of our meats, there’s no use of preservatives, anti-biotics, steroids, growth hormones, artificial dyes, or water.


We offer an assortment of wild fish ranging from Cod to Haddock, all of which are caught from sustainable sources.


Chambers Food Service also supplies the Professional Platinum 21 Piece Cookware Set. This Cookware can be used without water, with great features such as AudioTemp Alert Indicator, Moisture Lock Condensing Groove, Nutrithermic Compact Base, a LIFETIME Warranty, and more!


Here at Chambers Food Service, we have a large inventory of different freezers to select from, we have traditional chest freezers ranging from 9 Cubic Feet – 15 Cubic Feet and we also have our extremely popular 21 Cubic Foot Upright Freezer.

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