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Our History

Chambers Food Service was established in 1939 by two brothers, Roy and Howard Chambers. Chambers Food originally opened as a ‘Freezer Locker’ Service where customers would come and store their meats and other frozen goods. The customers could then come and access their freezer throughout the week and weekends.

In May of 1947, Chambers Food began to offer 5 Cubic Foot Freezers to be sold to customers in their home s- at the time we called the freezer our “Home Storage Cabinet”. Our Home Storage Cabinet’s were the perfect companion with our freezer lockers giving customers a combined 11 Cubic Feet of Freezer space, much different then todays standards!

Today, Chambers Food Service is proud to be a company with three working generations that supplies thousands of families across Ontario with AAA, All Natural, Canadian Meats.

Although our Freezer Sizes and Service has changed throughout the years the one thing that hasn’t changed is our passion to provide outstanding service and only the best AAA, All Natural, Canadian Meats delivered right to your family’s front doors.

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